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Elements & Flame

Join Suleima (sue-lay-EE-ma) and her friends, new and old, as they go on an epic adventure and battle all along the way. And is that romance in the air?Elements & Flame is a slow burn fantasy action/adventure story. If you like magic, werewolves, dragon shifters and all things fantasy, this book is packed full of it.This book is a stand alone with no major cliff hangers, but you will be able to follow the characters into book 2, where the romance begins to heat up.My imaginary friends are waiting to be unleashed.

After losing a hard fought battle, Suleima finds a new home in the wilderness outside a small town to heal her wounds and recover her Elemental magic.A small town which houses a werewolf pack.When that past begins to encroach on her new territory, she and her friends, new and old, must figure out a way to win this time.Will her dragon shifter best friend and the Alpha of the pack be enough to permanently remove the evil that threatens?Rumors of a flower hidden in a cave could be what they need to tip the scales in their favor.But to get to this cave, she must face challenges that threaten everything that she has ever known.

  • Pronunciation Guide

  • Suleima - sue-lay-EE-ma

  • Erist - i-WRIST

  • Alucenia - AH-loo-sen-ee-ah

  • Dynasira - dyna - SEAR - ah

  • Dirrin - DEER -in

  • Kaly - KAY-lee

  • Hamanad - HA-ma-nad

  • Yanima - ya-KNEE-ma

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Anxious for Book 2? ELEMENTS & THE Fae

In Elements & the Fae, we rejoin Suleima and her friends for more wild adventures and challenges. Learn more about Suleima's past, right along with her! Fight new crazy mythical creatures. Meet a few new friends. See the council develop and prepare for all new battles....Dirrin is gone, but who took his books? And why?
Cleaning up after the last battle and establishing the newly formed council is hard enough, but when Dirrin’s books turn up missing and a chunk of obsidian with a strangely familiar magical signature is found, how will Suleima and her friends figure this out?
When new information about Suleima comes to light, how will her dynamic with her found family change?
Rejoin Suleima and her friends as they face a new threat and discover that Dirrin may have only been the beginning.
Elements & the Fae is in edits now and I hope to have it out no later than end of summer 2024! Book 3 is next in the pipeline and barring major issues, will be released end of 2024 or early 2025!Interested in becoming an ARC reader? Email me.


Jillian Beane has been writing since high school. Finally published 25+ years later, she has had oodles of careers at one time or another….
Stay At Home Mom of 2
Preschool Teaching Assistant
Licensed Journeyman Plumber
Secret Squirrel
Security for a Professional Baseball Team
Disability Adjudicator
Credit Card Fraud Investigator
Does she know what she wants to do when she grows up? Nah!
Where’s the surprise in that?!?!
Surrounded by support from her loving husband, her two crazy and amazing kids, and her family, she is adding AUTHOR to the ever-growing list of careers.When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading, watching movies, listening to music, or hanging out with her Yas at her favorite art studio getting into ALL the shenanigans!
Whether creating with her words or her hands, Jillian finds joy in art of all forms be it remodeling or building homes, crochet, painting on canvas or pottery, or simply sitting in front of the dreaded blinking cursor, preparing to go on an adventure with her imaginary friends.